Best mac eyeshadow for brides

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Not only do you get a non-smudge, non-flake precision line on your lids, several professional make-up artists also skip the waterproof mascara and coat lashes with the MAC Liquidlast Eye Liner for max wearability. It stays well and will only come off once you remove it with oil. A winner on all accounts! Rs 1, approx. Glue them on from underneath. Cut up strip lashes and apply glue on top instead of the bottom of the strip and then press it right underneath your natural lashes. It looks natural this way and avoids that unnatural white space between your natural and fake eyelashes.

Lots of girls even re-use their falsies multiple times.

Kiss Them With Sculpted Lips

Rs 2, Sponsored Search. Buy M. Specially for night time looks, a bit of Amber lights swept over your lid creates an instant pick me up - Mac Expensive Pink: Hands down one of the colors you NEED to own. This is a pink and gold duochrome so as it catches the light it looks soft pink from some angles and soft gold from some.

Beautiful with a blush saree, an anarkali or pretty much anything else - Mac Cranberry: This is nice to create some depth. A plummy purple- this is a nice color to add just a little bit of something different to your outer corner.

Amp Up Your Face

Layer it over a brown to create a beautiful plummy brown eye! Another golden bronze that looks great with Indian wear - Mac Mythology: Not the best quality eyeshadow this one, but a very pretty one! Personal favourite- great for inner corners, and fantastic for a soft sweep of an effortlessly done up eye. Because I still wasn't sure of the look I would want, I gave each makeup artist minimal instruction and only told them I wanted to see their interpretation of wedding day makeup.

Standout product from the look: I'd never tried airbrush makeup but had heard it was the way to go for weddings, due to its even finish.

10 MAC Bridal Makeup Essentials For A Stunning Look!

I wore this look for the entire day, and it didn't budge even slightly — an important quality to look for in products you'll be wearing for hours on end. The artist also applied airbrush makeup to my brows, as well as eye shadow and eyeliner, but the eye look overall was a little too subdued for my wedding. I'll probably do something more dramatic for the big day. My biggest takeaway: You don't have to cake on heavy foundation to have full-coverage makeup.

I was impressed by how evenly and gradually airbrush makeup applies and loved that it didn't look super heavy. Products used: Makeup artist Angel Merino, aka Mac Daddy. I found Mac Daddy how you find most people on Instagram: I first discovered Artist Couture highlighter, then learned that its creator was none other than the Insta-famous makeup artist.

10 Best MAC Eyeshadows for Indian Bridal Makeup

He stopped through New York recently, so I asked him to do my makeup — it's always been a dream of mine for an Instagram makeup artist to contour my face. For this look, he focused on my skin, keeping my eyes and lips simple. Proper skin prep is everything.

To make sure my skin was super hydrated, Mac Daddy spent several minutes prepping my face with lotions and serums before applying any makeup. Some might find going to a counter on the big day inconvenient, but it's a solid option if you don't want to spend a fortune and still want to get your makeup professionally done. Ashley gave me a "halo" eye look, meaning she focused the darker shades of shadow on the inner and outer corners of my eye and the lightest, shimmery colors on the middle of my lid.

This was a cool idea, because it was different from how I normally wear my makeup I like to elongate my eyes by keeping the lighter shades on the inner corners , but it wasn't so different that I was unrecognizable to myself. Only apply makeup where you need it.