The cable for built in ethernet is not plugged in mac

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Apple Pay Speciality level out of ten: I do not know of the other posted threads regarding this issue, but you need to tell us more about what you have actually tried. Nobody wants to start offering suggestions if your answers are going to be, "I already tried that. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. I have: There are several similar threads if you search "ethernet" in this forum. So any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you James. Have you used Assist me and run a diagnostic on your network?

Have you deleted the Ethernet connection from the Network pane and then started from scratch with a new one? When I go to Assist me-diagnostics, it says that my computer is not connected to an ethernet network and "cannot fix the current networking problems". I have deleted just now ethernet connection from the network pane and created a new one.

Still says ethernet is unplugged. For Network Interface en0. IP address: Unknown Link Speed: Inactive Vendor: Marvell Model: Yukon Gigabit Adapter 88E is this the router info? The iMac is not acknowledging the ethernet cable. Even though it will use it to communicate with the router.

So the port must be working.

MacOS X Ethernet/Wireless Configuration (Summary)

At least it's not some simple thing that I have overlooked. Maybe this device has failed.

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Is the iMac under warranty still? I am at a loss. I would call Apple. I feel it's the fact I don't have a mac address for the ethernet card in the imac to tell the router to allow access. I have ignored this problem for ages because I can connect via Airport but I'm now having problems with Time Machine and You Control Tunes which I feel are in someway connected. I don't seem to have any way of finding the mac address for the ethernet card as it does not show up under the network section of "about this mac".

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Ethernet has a self-assigned IP address and will not be able to connect to the Internet.

Has anyone found a solution? My connection was fine until my iMac woke up from sleep. Start by choosing Mac Help from the Finder's Help menu, search for location manager, and read about adding a network location. Setting Up Wired Ethernet Step 1. Connect Your Computer to the Network Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the network card or port in your computer and the other into the Ethernet jack on the wall. If your Ethernet jack has one orange port, plug your cable directly into that port.

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If the Ethernet jack has two orange ports, try the one on the right side first, as this is usually the single activated port. Step 2. Search this site: Login Register. Basic Connection For almost any new Mac computer it is very easy to connect two systems via Ethernet cable and possibly an ethernet adapter although Firewire or Thunderbolt may be a much faster method for sharing files. Different usernames may prompt for log in information immediately 5. Determine Your Cable Needs Depending on the computers you want to connect, you will need one of two types of Ethernet cable: Macs that do not require a crossover cable: Macs that require a crossover cable: You should also note and possibly write down the computer address beginning with "afp" that appears at the bottom of the window on the target machine.

On the other computer, there are two connection methods that may be employed.

SOLVED Fix Ethernet Internet Connection Problem in Windows 10 (Ethernet Connection Problem)

The first is accessed as a from a Finder window in OS Click the network icon in the sidebar. It may take several seconds for all of the items from your network to appear. Look for one representing the target machine at the opposite end of your Ethernet cable, and click on it.

A dialog will appear asking you to enter your password. Another dialog will appear showing the available volumes, from you which you can select any or all.

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Make your selection s and click OK. Within a few seconds icons for all of the selected volumes should appear in the sidebar, and you can proceed as if they were hard drive partitions.