Recuperer photo iphone avec mac

Hi, there! From what you mentioned above, I can see two things and I'd like to share two methods, see if they can help solve your problem there. First, you couldn't find your video clip on your iPhone, that might be because the video file is damaged or lost or deleted, but you can still recover it from your iPhone or SD card. Here is the tutorials on how to retrieve iPhone data. Second, if you want to transfer video to Mac, you can use an app such as iPhone Data Transfer to transfer from iPhone to Mac. Danielfonseca64 Offline.

Récupération De Données iPhone

To keep the full quality you'll want to plug the SD card into your mac if it has a port for it. Then you can watch them on your computer; from there you can create a folder and drag and drop them! Phineas Offline. Hi I know this was a while ago but if someone could please help! I am having a similar problem but I'm just trying to get my videos on my mac to convert from 4k to to upload them to instgram.

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I see it in iTunes and downloaded them into a film eon my desktop but I am not able to open them Great post guys! Advanced Bold Text Color Upload.

Transférer vos Photos & Vidéos de votre iDevice vers votre Mac 

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L'Apple TV se rapproche d'une vraie console grâce à Shadow

Forum Rules. I can't think of another application I've tried which does as much as iMazing as well. Apps de gestion de fichiers: FileApp , GoodReader , Documents et bien d'autres. Enregistreurs vocaux: Quick Voice , Audio Share En savoir plus sur les sauvegardes. Ils parlent d' iMazing.

Recommander: Spotify Music Converter convertit Spotify playlists en MP3

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    [Résolu] 2 Solutions pour sauvegarde iTunes corrompu/ incompatible

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