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Previous Next Sort by votes. Jan 8, 1, 0 19, Hello everyone. I have taken on the task of reformatting a friends mac. I have his user name and password for the app store and this works because he has purchased a legit copy. So, i have gone through the apple help here http: I am to the point of clicking on reinstall OS X. I put in the username and password. I select the disk where i want to install OS X Mavericks. After that a screen comes up that says "downloading additional components.

Can someone point me in the right direction to get this going? PS, i am a super noob to macs Thank you everyone! If performed correctly as described, applications and user data will be preserved and not be modified at all, since this approach only reinstalls the operating system and system files. Newer MacOS releases also support the ability to re-install only macOS while leaving user files alone, however. The premise is mostly the same; booting into Recovery mode to reinstall the system software.

Reinstalling OS X System Software on a Mac with Recovery Mode

This is also completely different from a clean install of OS X, which is performed by erasing a Mac drive and then starting fresh with a new clean installation of the Mac OS X system software. Trying to reinstall OS X through a flakey or slow internet connection is not recommended, unless you were to use a bootable install drive or something similar where downloading reinstallation components is not necessary.

The installer must download from Apple for this to work. Remember, this method is not the same as a clean install , and it only reinstalls the version of OS X that is currently running on the Mac shown here with El Capitan , whereas Internet Recovery will reinstall the version of OS X that shipped with the Mac in this case it would have been Yosemite instead. Obviously the versions of OS X will vary depending on what came with the Mac, and what the Mac is currently running. While this article describes this system reinstall process with OS X versions specifically, you can also read how to re-install only macOS Mojave while leaving user files alone and for re-installing MacOS High Sierra and Sierra in the same way too.

Regardless of what Mac or Mac OS version you are trying this with, always backup the computer beforehand. Enjoy this tip?

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Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. If I need to do a reinstall — or even a fresh from scratch reinstall — does the installer know what goes on the SSD part of the drive? Or dod I select what would be install on that section?

Cannot download additional components for Mac OS X Lion

If you have multiple drives or partitions, you select the drive to install or reinstall OS X onto. Thanks Pepe for the info. Darn iMac Boots faster than my iPhone 6 just about. The installer should see the Fusion drive as one logical partition. Any other data that is accessed often will then be moved to the SSD for faster access. Will this work if one completely replaces a hard drive?

What else do I need to know to make this work?

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Obviously I will do a backup of all my data to an external drive first…. No, this reinstall method requires Recovery partition and it reinstalls OS X on the target drive. But Internet Recovery can boot and reinstall without the recovery partition, but then you are left having to update OS X yourself to the newest version. For a new drive, I would perform a clean install with a USB stick of the latest release.

Or, by far the best approach for drive replacement, is to clone it over with CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper, both are very easy. Also, if you plan on reinstalling a computer to give away, there are some security priorities to keep in mind. Another big part of the reinstall process is that it asks for your Apple ID, whereas the internet recovery will not. I could not get an answer from anyone at Apple what security flaws this has on someone reinstalling using recovery vs reinstalling from internet recovery.

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Apple says to use internet recovery when in doubt and let end user upgrade fair enough. I reinstalled El Capitan recently and now I am asked for my user name and password every time I turn my computer on. Fortunately I worked it out and am building up the courage to reinstall again. It nearly always works, most of the time…. You might have enabled File Vault which required your password for decrypting the drive upon login.

You might have also allowed your login to be controlled by your Apple ID.

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This could be the reason for the password change. But hey, nobodies OS is perfect. I still have not upgraded and am scared to death to do it. Good tip for the next few months! After Review nothing happens. Help me? Apple has become microsoft, what a retarded company now. I have a lot of experience doing troubleshooting with Macs and I never knew this existed, and your advice helped me solve my problem.

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