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If you used Quicken for Windows or are a financial report hound, you're not going to be happy. Options included the ability to select accounts, categories, and tags to include in the reports and the date range can be changed. There is no budget report that shows month to month budgeted amounts compared to actual spending, you will only find a bar graph available in the budget module.

Printing Budgets in Quicken for Mac

Setting up the budget is easy in Quicken Essentials for Mac. When you first open the budget feature, spending goals per expense category are recommended based on a three-month average of your downloaded transactions. You can change the goal amounts and add goals for that the automatic budget doesn't pick up, or remove categories you don't want to track.

That's about all there is to budgeting in Quicken Essentials. As noted above, there is no comprehensive budget reporting. The conversions work reliably and require that you export data first from the previously-used software. Quicken Essentials has a limited number of reports and does not have a regular investment account register, so depending on the software you're exporting data from, some information won't transfer over. If you track tax-related budget categories, you can export data for use in any tax software that supports the TXF file format , and most if not all do.

To export data to tax software, categories are assigned to tax line items found on IRS tax schedules and forms used for your tax return. It is critical that these assignments are made properly. At the end of the year, click on Tax Schedule found in the toolbar under Reports, then select Export Taxes. This produces a TXF data file, which is then imported into tax software the tax interview will ask you for it.

The great thing about this personal finance software is that it has speedy downloads from a huge selection of financial institutions, and it actually looks and behaves like a Mac application, unlike earlier versions. Unfortunately, Quicken Essentials for Mac also lacks some of the features users counted on in earlier Quicken Mac versions, but Intuit is still supporting Quicken Mac If you need the bill pay , investment and other features in Quicken Mac, you should probably keep using it and wait for Quicken Essentials features to expand before you switch.

You could use software to run Windows on your Mac with Quicken for Windows or try one of my other picks for Mac personal finance software. If you're looking for reliable but simple personal finance software for your Mac, then you will probably like using Quicken Essentials.

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Financial Software Mac Software. By Shelley Elmblad. Slick user interface with crisp graphics. The all your accounts in one place.

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Easy to use. Easy access to Quicken Live Community for help. Comprehensive help manual PDF. Budget feature is overly simplified and there is no planned vs. No individual transaction support for investments, although account totals update. No Quicken Bill Pay.

No mobile app or integration with Mint. Continue Reading. Exclude savings to savings account transfers from your budgets Many people do not consider moving money from one savings account to another savings account a "budgetable" event.

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Exclude savings to savings goal transfers from your budgets Many people think of a savings goal as a type of savings account. Last updated: Was this article helpful? I got it Not really Help us improve our support center. Why was this article not helpful?

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